A Reply To “Why Do So Many Writers Give Up So Quickly?”

I never gave up; I just took a four-month vacation. Yeah, right!

Rasa Zalite
4 min readAug 8, 2022
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Some people board the writing plane with high hopes only to end up in a plane crash — their plane either ran out of fuel or didn’t gather enough speed for a successful take-off.

My plane crashed after seven months.

Not long ago, Mike Lewis asked a question that resonated with me and made me break the four-month silence. Here’s his question:

why do so many writers give up so quickly?

One of my colleagues asked me a similar question: Rasa, when will you start writing? To be fair, she meant writing a book, but the same question can be applied to writing on Medium.

Well, I have been asking myself the same question, and even though I have yet to find a satisfactory answer, I will try to compose one for Mike and my 500+ followers on Medium.

Until April of this year, I was somewhat active on Medium. Once Carmellita, a Medium savvy writer, wrote in the comment section that if I kept up with the good job, I would reach significant milestones, like 1000 followers and steady metrics, in no time.

Many moons have passed since that comment, the metrics have dived, and I neither blame anyone nor plan on making excuses, but I want to list some reasons why despite being on the path to success, I gave up writing consistently.

Why did my plane (writing on Medium) crash?

To paraphrase the iconic Eagle’s quote:

I never gave up; I just took a four-month vacation. Yeah, right? Be honest, don’t sugarcoat it!

I wish it indeed were a vacation, but it wasn’t.

The official reason for not writing

At the beginning of April, I was offered a job; on April 7 I said yes to it, and from that day, I felt like I had hopped on a fast-moving train. The job was in another city, and I had agreed to begin working on April 25. Until that day, I was commuting…



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